Ryder Cup 18th Hole

Gleneagles - PGA Centenary Course

The 2014 Ryder Cup was be played at the PGA Centenary Course at the Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire, Scotland. The venue plays 7262 yards long and is a par 72 with four par threes and four par fours. As you'd expect from a Ryder Cup course, there are holes with plenty of risk and reward including a few drivable par 4's and lots of water.

Gleneagles Hole By Hole Guide

Hole 1: Bracken Brae: 426yds Par 4

A relatively gentle par 4 greets the players on the first hole of the PGA Centenary course. A slight dog leg right to a raised green, a drive down the left hand side of the fairway is preferred.

Hole 2: Wester Greenwells: 516yds Par 5

The second hole is a reachable par 5 with the left hand side of the green guarded by three bunkers and the loch. A drive up the right hand side of the fairway gives the players' a better angle in.

Hole 3: Schiehallion: 431yds Par 4

The third hole is a par four where the players will need to either drive down the left of the fairway or lay-up before the cluster of bunkers. The green is protected by two bunkers and players' will be taking an extra club to ensure they don't come up short.

Hole 4: Gowden Beastie: 239yds Par 3

The first par 3 on the course is a long one. A shot to the right hand side of the green is the safest option given the large bunker protecting the left. A par will be a very good score on this hole.

Hole 5: Crookit Cratur: 461yds Par 4

The hardest hole on the course. A drive up the right is the safest play but an approach to the green from the left is the better line in. There's only one bunker on the left of the hole, but a boggy water hole short and right will catch out any mishit approaches.

Hole 6: Mickle Skelp: 201yds Par 3

There is a large bunker to the left of the green and marshland to the left, so the safest play is to go long to the back of the green where things open up.

Hole 7: Larch Gait: 468yds Par 4

Players could well layup off the tee to avoid the fairway bunkers. The second shot is semi blind uphill but doesn't have any bunkers guarding.

Hole 8: Sidlin' Brows: 419yds Par 4

A shortish par 4, dogleg left with a number of bunkers guarding the fairway from the tee. A drive down the right hand side opens up the green which is very undulating.

Hole 9: Crook o' Moss: 564yds Par 5

The second par 5 on the outward nine, the ninth hole needs a good straight drive to allow players to go for the green in two. A dogleg right, the water guards the right hand side of the green for those who want to take it on.

Hole 10: Sleekit Howe: 208yds Par 3

This par three is played from a raised tee down to a green guarded by a bunker on either side. There is a ridge which runs through the centre of the green, which makes long putting difficult.

Hole 11: Laich Burn: 350yds Par 4

This short par 4 will be a birdie opportunity for the players who may be tempted to take it on from the tee. For players laying up, they must pitch in to a small green well guarded by bunkers.

Hole 12: Carn Mairg: 445yds Par 4

The players will look to drive the ball down the left of the fairway, avoiding the bunkers on the right. Finding the correct level of the putting green is all important as there's a significant ridge running across it.

Hole 13: Wimplin' Wyne: 481yds Par 4

Another par 4 where a drive down the left of the fairway is preferable. The hole sweeps around to the left and the green is guarded by a cluster of borrows. The back half of the green is the safe play here on one of the toughest holes on the course.

Hole 14: Nebit Knowe: 320yds Par 4

This short par 4 will be driveable for the big hitters measuring just 320 yards. The green is guarded by four small bunkers and very narrow.

Hole 15: Ochil Sicht: 463yds Par 4

Another par 4 and this time accuracy is paramount as the green is narrow and well bunkered. The right hand side of the fairway is the safe play with thick rough up the left which falls away and catches any errant tee shots.

Hole 16: Lochan Loup: 543yds Par 5

Players will aim to the left of the fairway bunker before weighing up whether to go for the green in two or not. There's a loch short of the approach which discounts going for the green in two if the drive is too short.

Hole 17: Ca' Canny: 194yds Par 3

The shortest of the par 3's, the green is well protected with three bunkers and a ridge that runs up the green which makes putting tricky.

Hole 18: Dun Roamin': 533yds Par 5

The final hole is another risk or reward, with the green well bunkered, players should be able to get pin high with their second shot. Keep left with your tee shot to avoid the trees that could block out the green.

Gleneagles Player Form

A closer look at the form of the European Team candidates who have played at Gleneagles before in the Johnnie Walker Championship which has been played at the PGA Centenary Course since 1999.

  McIlroy Rose McDowell Bjorn Dubuisson Westwood Gallacher Donaldson Poulter Stenson
2013 - - - CUT - - T2 - - -
2012 - - - 10 T15 - T6 - - -
2011 - - - 1 T8 - T6 T26 - -
2010 - - - CUT - - T14 T3 - -
2009 - - - CUT - - - T6 - -
2008 CUT T5 CUT - - T10 T10 T52 - -
2007 - - CUT - - T9 T33 - - -
2006 - - - T4 - - CUT - - -
2005 - - - - - - CUT CUT - -
2004 - - 2 - - - T10 - - T28
2003 - - T22 - - T44 T5 - CUT -
2002 - - - - - - T65 CUT CUT CUT
2001 - T11 - - - - T7 T29 - CUT
2000 - T44 - - - - CUT - - T11
1999 - T15 - - - - CUT - CUT -